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Thursday, February 18, 2016

When We Were Outlaws Reflection

Once I started reading the book, I was thrown off, yet intrigued. Even with the first quote from the author's note, I knew this would soon envelope to be an interesting memoir, "I was not born knowing how to love. It came to me late in life and continues to be difficult. Politics on the other hand came naturally, my mind attuned from birth to the ways of power and survival."Although I admit that I was a little turned off by Jeanne's cocky attitude at one point, my opinion quickly changed. I then saw her as this empowered individual that advocated for herself and her community. What I love most about this novel so far is how the author shows the importance of intersectionality. As a queer female of color, I was able to relate on another level. These layers of oppression are shown through her experience, and yet she was still able to persevere.

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