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Thursday, February 18, 2016

When We Were Outlaws Reflection

To be honest, I never read the very beginning of any book because I rather just get into the meat of the work. When I opened When We Were Outlaws, however, I was interested in reading Jeanne's note because I could already feel like the note was really for us. The first line reads "I was not born knowing how to love. It came to me late in life and continues to be difficult. Politics on the other hand came naturally, my mind attuned from birth to the ways of power and survival" and as soon as I read that line, I felt every word of it sink deep into my body. Everything that I ever thought was strange about me , I realized was not so strange because there's people out there who feel just like I do. I think that the level of relatability of Cordova's book is what made it easy to read and really imagine ones self in her position.

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