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Thursday, February 4, 2016

"update your hate?"

The poster that I'm working on primarily attempts to be inclusive of all possible genders. To do this, I took two normalized symbols: the ladies symbol pertaining to females, and the men symbol pertaining to males. I also split both these symbols down the middle in order to splice half a woman symbol and half a man's in order to create the perfect hybrid symbol. I wanted to be very ambiguous about gender and sexuality since the symbolic figures are essentially are void of identity. For this reason, I chose to vary the symbols in sizes and add a rainbow schematic within each one. On the far left, one figure gets cut off to bring forth the idea of continuity and fluidity.
 The backdrop, beginning from left to right, starts off with historical pictures of riots, arrests, and marches (during the Stonewall era uprisings) and gradually evolves from black and white imagery, to colorful, recent/current depictions and accomplishments for the LGBTQ community. I still have not added text but when I do, it will be something like, "Sexuality and Gender" at the top, followed by "It's Happening" down below. Either that or "normalize fluidity" or "update your hate"
The main issue that inspired me to work on this project was a few conversations I had with some of my trans friends having anxiety and fear when having to use restrooms that use gender normative symbols that are limited to a spec of the spectrum. I would love to receive feedback on the poster and hear some immediate thoughts and what might be done in order to carry the message across in a bolder manner

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