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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Learn to Love!

The poster I created is about the idea of cultivating and offering safe spaces and relationships for people who identify with the LGBT community through education and support from one another. Many LGBT people, either at home, at school, or other spaces, don't have the privilege of having communities in which they can feel comfortable, accepted, and safe in. Places such as LGBT centers can provide many systems of support. In spaces such as these, people in the LGBT community can learn more about all aspects of being in the LGBT community and learn and grow from sharing and supporting one another, especially if they don't have support outside of these areas. I believe in empowerment through education, and that knowledge of all types of communities, inequalities, struggles, and much more, leads one to become a better person, and make the world a better place. I also believe in education coming out of these safe spaces, and spreading in the larger world, through more and more people being educated and learning about LGBT rights, health care, safety, and more. 
For the background layer of my poster, I chose to have the image of a "fire rainbow", which is an interesting process which is believed to happen after there has been a fire. When reading about it, it was described to occur due to a "unique alignment of forces in the atmosphere", which I thought was a really beautiful phrase. I appropriated this sentence in my poster because I thought it sounded quite strong and powerful, and related to my idea of becoming more knowledgeable, and therefore strong, through learning and working with one another. The main image in the foreground is a sketch by the artist Nicole Eisenman, who identifies as lesbian, and centers her practice around LGBT depictions. This scene of naked women coming together in an act of listening, learning from one another, teaching one another felt important to include visually. The main slogan, LEARN TO LOVE!, in rainbow lettering, speaks to the LGBT theme visually, and sends a positive message about the power of educating one another. But learning and teaching is not always an easy thing, and isn't always accessible to all, which is why LGBT centers are so important. I included a link to the Los Angeles LGBT centers homepage on my poster to direct viewers to this site, which has a lot of important information about all the services they offer. I wanted to keep certain slogans broad, a bit open to interpretation, but also ground my poster in the real world as well, by including a website link to a real organization. This poster is targeted towards people of the LGBT community, but not only, because I think that everyone, especially those who are less open and less educated, should be learning about this community.

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