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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Reaction to Class Discussion

I found the self portrait to be shocking and haunting. Like one of my classmates said, if your're not doing something shocking to have people discussing your art, then what are you doing as an artist? There was a similar picture that it made me think of Christina Aguilera back in the early 00's of her mouth being sewn shut, but it is definitely more high fashion and meant to be striking on because of her beauty first and then her mouth sewn shut. The original campaign that Christina was representing was for the "Declare Yourself" Campaign: "Ending Violence Against Women", which featured many celebrities such as Andre 3000 and Amber Tamblyn all with something concealing or blocking their mouths from being able to express themselves, each person crying. The declaration is "Only You Can Silence Yourself, each object is something that best represents the celebrity, stating that they are doing this to themselves which the audience can read as regret because of the tears. I get the sense that the image that we were shown in class was very unapologetic and matter of fact. He was not doing it to himself and did not allow for escape from his gaze. There a stripping of anything distracting for the audience to focus on rather than the statement that the artist was trying to make. With your mouth sewn shut, you are unable to eat, let alone survive, rendering you silent is a way of submissively killing yourself.

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