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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Poster Project Discussion

As I started my project, I was thinking a lot about what constitutes female empowerment. For me, a huge part of that is body image. I started looking up images and came across the image of the woman - except she had black lines for censorship where there are now flowers. I began to think about what was so "bad" about her body that the image needed two black bars added to it. In adding the flowers, I was hoping to in essence replace those harsh lines with something beautiful - telling her she was beautiful. I love that she's eating a burger and has her hand on her hip, it really conveys both confidence and a "screw you" attitude. The image on her upper leg is a symbol of female, feminist empowerment. All of the images behind her are the covers of many magazines - all body shaming in one way or another. If the media always has a critique, whether it be that these stars are way too skinny or way too fat, how are we supposed to be able to ever love ourselves? So this image is showing that despite the censorship and despite the constant critique, we can learn to be happy with who we are - and that it's really important to do so.

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