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Thursday, February 4, 2016


For my activist poster, I wanted to show  the destructive effects of AIDS Healthcare Foundation president, Michael Weinstein's effort as leader of the Coalition to Preserve Los Angeles. His fight to stop large scale developments, that mostly tend to be luxury condominiums and upscale boutiques that don't uphold the Los Angeles character; scale; gentrification; and creates more traffic. I agree, to an extend, that most new developments Los Angeles are being catered to a large demographic of individuals who have wealth, but what about the small projects. Most low-income housing projects faces the same commercial zoning litigation, they provide much need housing for families that desperately need it. Los Angeles is facing a housing crisis, this coalition thwarts LA mayor Eric Garcetti's goal in creating 100,000 new housing by 2020. Weinstein coalition is proposing a November ballot that would downsize commercial zoning on large boulevards and nearby transit hubs. Do we not want to see people live closer to transit hubs, encouraging them to use public transportation. The new ballot would make it difficult for developers, such as Adobe Projects (non-profit), building low-income housing. This ballot would not be able to tell the difference between low-income and luxury. It discriminates against all who can't afford the raising costs of housing. It's great that Weinstein is advocating for change with LA's obscure projects, but who is really advocating for. In my eyes, he is preserving an ideology, a fantasy that belongs only to a few.

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