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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Go Away Mr " Ex-gay "Therapy !

" Ex-gay " therapy is pseudoscience, it does great harm to people who undergone this in many ways. Homosexuality is not a mental disorder and there is no point in trying changing homosexual orientation. Help people who might be forced to have " ex-gay " therapy under the pressure of their family, community or even themselves. 

The scream face from Edvard Munch is on a pink flower, representing LGBT people (usually it is the pride color for gay),the watering pot has the very right figure of red cross, representing these ex-gay therapy, the blue curvy snakes ejected from the red water pot represents the disastrous torture and miserable results brought by ex-gay therapy to people who suffered from it.

I get the inspiration from one of my best friend, the one I mentioned in my previous blog. When she finally nerved herself to tell the fact that she is a lesbian to her parents,it was like a bombshell to them. They thought something bad must have happened to her, and her mother even began to blame herself for failing to take care of her daughter when she was in her abdomen. She was under so much pressure and her parents sent her to a psychiatrist for they still thought she must get insane to make this "impossible" change. There was one night she(my friend) called me and told me she want to leave home and..." ( I stopped her because I knew the next word she'd like to say, it was really a dark time for her,so sad...) But fortunately she held on and won through that undeserving hard time.

I know there are like thousands of "she/he" like her, once suffered from this kind of ridiculous torture, and cornered to helplessness.

I really wish some day these bullshit all disappear.Go Away Mr " Ex-gay "Therapy !

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