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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Feminist Killjoy

Because I had to miss class last week, I'm still tossing around ideas for my poster before class tomorrow. There are a few things I've been thinking about, and trying to analyze their connection to one another to find a unique way of presenting them together in a single poster. The term "feminist killjoy" happens to be one that has always intrigued and I guess you could almost say, excited me. It's a sarcastic way of responding to a certain social order, of how happiness is used to justify social norms as social goods. I love that it's used as a sarcastic response to those who don't see a problem with the objectification or discrimination of women. A feminist killjoy is one who gladly refuses the idea that in standing up for themselves (and other women), they are the source of the 'spoiling' of fun or happiness of others. While the term is one full of satirical defiance, it is supported through unseen inner strength. Being a killjoy, calling someone out in a social situation and subsequently changing the atmosphere, can be exhausting, scary, or difficult. It is easy to even silence oneself because of this fear, even before anyone else does. I want to create a poster that somehow ties this idea with an image of over female sexuality, as expressed in the image on the right. I find it so interesting that while advertisements using barely clothed women can be used, as soon as a hint of sexuality is added, the women suddenly becomes transformed to an image in need of censorship. I really like the image on the left because it promotes the idea that all women are beautiful, and I think that this thought is really important when thinking about women's sexuality. Really, all these ideas tie together as a form of deviance from normal thought. I would like to create a poster that conveys the sarcasm and strength found in the ideology behind the "feminist killjoy," and also one that uses the female body to tie in with this courage through a "provoking" image.

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