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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


For my poster, I decided that I wanted a visual representation of things I feel strongly about. For me this poster represents the difficulty of being a queer femme in the LGBT community and the stereotypical ideals of being a woman in a patriarchal society. Every detail in this poster portrays the beauty of being a woman that does not fulfill your average stereotype.

To begin, the cacti in the background represents the strength and perseverance of women. A cactus does not need much care because it can survive on its own. I like to think of women being the same way. Many cultures are accustomed to hold households in which a man takes care of a woman financially, but never really emotionally. According to my beliefs I don't believe a woman needs a man. Society has treated us like second-class citizens for far too long many of us have gained a voice and most definitely independence.

The flowers at the bottom of the picture represent the beauty and the complexities of every woman. Just like every other human being, we come in every shape and size. Falling into the normative standards of beauty is demanding and usually unrealistic and we should be able to understand that our personal qualities and phenotypes make us unique and in every way beautiful.

In the middle we see a woman's hairdo and her eyebrows. Her hair style is in victory rolls a very popular hairstyle during WWII. In which women went out to the job market and took up "men's occupations". I added this because I wanted an audience to see past her facial features and look more towards her inner qualities.

Last but not least I wanted to make my statement stronger with text. A text that strongly applies to me. As a Femme many people like to invalidate my sexuality and my appearance in the LGBT community. Even though I am queer many people like to assume that my femininity requires me to be heterosexual. Little do they know that being Femme to me means to reclaim the femininity that society doesn't believe I deserve as well as accept the fact that I am a woman with very specific likings and my sexuality should not have to correlate with my appearance.


  1. I absolutely love your poster and could look at it forever and find something new that I love. The pop of color from the cactus (as well as the meaning behind them! Go girl!) is amazing and I love the hair and brows is a stark contrast and holds all its own! Great job!

    1. Awe! I was so insecure about sharing it! Thank you <3