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Monday, February 22, 2016

David Wojnarowicz

David Wojnarowicz's famous photo above made me Think directly to my knowledge of Ron Athey. After some googling, I came to learn that they were going just seven years apart and in different mediums were both pushing to create awareness and recognition of the AIDS epidemic. Wojnarowicz's photos express an intensity by altering the portriat of his own face wth the sowing of his mouth shut using needle and thread. Although all the footage from "Fire in my Belly" was shot by Wojnarowicz on his travels, the work presented in the form of a compilation video has a noticeably different tone then the body of work he is famous for. It was also interesting to hear about the controversy that surrounded the film, in the way that is focused on the image of a cross with ants crawling all over it. My first thought to what the social objection would be to Wojnarowicz work would be the video documentation of the self piercing process threading the string through his upper and lower lip. Body mutilation as an act was taboo to say the lease but the relgious right wing parties could clam hate-speech if it defaced the cross and could pushed towards censoring the film. The David Wojnarowicz contravery also started censorship marches in his name and his documentry was shown nationally. I'd love to explore his art practice.

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