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Thursday, February 18, 2016

David Wojnarowicz Reflection

For the most part, art can be very ambitious and commonly subtle, in Wojnarowicz's case, he frankly did not care about making anyone feel comfortable or communicating anything other than his own message. As we watched "Fire in my Belly" in class, I felt kind of weary about keeping my eyes on the screen, but I could not get myself to look away. Although a lot of disturbing images were depicted, I was in awe at the raw expression of this artist. He expressed a lot of emotion unapologetically and I believe that in a way redefined art. Even though audiences did not respond positively, I don't think he expected them to. The AIDS epidemic had no mercy on its victims and I truly believe that Wojnarowicz was trying to communicate just that with his explicit images. He was an advocate for a cause that was overlooked and truly showed how deadly and disturbing this disease was and still is.

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