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Thursday, February 18, 2016

David Wojnarowic

Upon researching David Wojnarowic's work and reading through all of the contributions he made towards Queer activism and AIDS awareness, I couldn't help noticing that his work utilizes a huge range of mediums and often hybridizes them in order to get his message across. Through exposing his most personal thought, he was able to expose many of the emotions and conflicting feelings that individuals of the queer community were anonymously going through together. Another element that I found very effective in his work is his toying with historical events that everyone seemingly knew about, and personalizing it according to his own stories, or those of other's he'd heard before. The raw intimacy that he allowed for viewers to have, the breadth of mediums he used to carry those messages, his relationship with time and place and event, and more importantly, his fearlessness in regards to defending and rejecting those who attempt to censor his creations are the characteristics that make him a heroic artist in the spectrum of revolutionary art, the queer movement, and the historical uprisings caused by AIDS

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