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Monday, February 1, 2016

Activist Poster Progress

I chose to do my activist poster on the issue of under representation of the LGBT community in movies, tv, media in general, etc. I find this to be a major issue because it creates a sort of negative stigma of the LGBT community by making it seem as though they are not important, worthy, etc. enough to be part of mass media. By creating this predominately heterosexual media environment, it makes it literally impossible for children growing up around predominately heterosexual people to relate or understand what it means to be LGBT. You can see how being ignorant of something your whole life can create an issue for kids like this growing up, and they may much more easily become perpetrators of hate crimes and homophobia as adults. Not to mention how LGBT youth who have little to no exposure to other LGBT members must feel their entire life- outcasted and alone.
The purpose of my poster is to stand up for equal (or at least proportional) representation of LGBT community in media in general, and to encourage all LGBT in media to come out and don't allow their sexuality to be undermined or ignored (as has been seen with many important historic LGBT figures)
I plan to finish  my poster with a short but strong quote. I'm leaning most towards "All Love Deserves Equal Representation." I'm also still deciding on color, placement, backgrounds, etc.

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