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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Timna Naim

Hello Hello! My name is Timna Naim. I am a 3rd year Dance Major with a minor in LGBT Studies and a Minor in Visual and Performing Arts Education. I am a movement, sculpture, performance, and food artist who identifies as an Israeli-American Genderqueer Gay Male (Name>Pronouns). I enjoy meeting people and learning about the different experiences of unique individuals. I am working on a study of identity/self-identification and how it informs and is influenced by intra/interpersonal relationships. The research is contextualised by the standing relationships I have with now four separate individuals, our meeting are informed by my own identity studies as well as a shared creative expressions in words, music, movement, or drawing. This is a project where I create abstract ceramic portrait works of some of the individuals that are heavily influenced by the research meetings and ask them to create relational works also based on our meetings. I am taking Queer Arts in Los Angeles this quarter because Queer performance art is current part of my own practice as an artist. I am interested in the focus that this class will have on Chicana/Chicano Artist and how that will inform the work we discuss. Looking forward to an interesting quarter!

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