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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Art World Token

The poster that I was interested in reflecting on is Top Ten Signs That You're An Art World Token by the Guerrilla Girls. Being an artist, often going to galleries and museum exhibitions, as well as working for a museum, I've thought about this a lot. The under representation of people of color, of women, and especially women of color in the art world is astonishing. Even as things are supposedly getting better today, the inequality remains. Not every museum or exhibition space does this, but there have been many times where I have seen a "special" women's section, or where it seems as if they are constantly highlighting the color or someone's skin, to attempt to gain points for the lack of acknowledgment in the past. What I appreciate about the Guerrilla girls is how they fight with facts, and make themselves and their ideas/arguments present through protest, and public postering. It's hard to argue against facts. This poster in particular has an added element of sarcasm to it, which makes it especially hard hitting. What is important in this poster is that these things they are pointing out are true, and everyone associated with the art world has either experienced them, or knows people who have.

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