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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Stonewall Uprisings Reflection ( story sharing)

It really reminds me of the experience one of my best friends in China have had. Like most of the gay people in China, where gay marriage is still illegal, he was not allowed to come out and lead a regular life like a "normal" people,

But just at the end of last year, he wrote a long passage to come out and posted it on Weibo (Chinese version of Facebook).I still remember some of them, which really touched me:

"Nothing is worse than hiding your identity in front of the one you love/care. Nothing is worse than trying so hard to be comprehensively adequately good just to "earn" the love and respect from the society...I am a homosexual, I am proud of myself for all the life achievements I had done so far. And I am sure I will achieve more, as long as I do not give up. For the other people who under this threat, please do not be too harsh to your parents. It is not their fault to have this attitude. It is this society. And the society needs time to change. Bigotry only breeds more bigotry, prejudice only breeds more prejudice, hatred only breeds more hatred, and ignorance only breeds more ignorance. One day, I wish I could put my brick on the path to the equality for LGBT people in China." 

Just like you guys proud of all those brave people who have been fighting for the LGBT equality in the U.S in the past decades, I am so proud of him.

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