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Friday, January 22, 2016

Stonewall Uprising

Gay Shock Therapy
Nazi Shock Experimentation

The comment I made in class about the connections between shock therapy of gay men in California, from the Stonewall documentary, and the Nazi Regime's shock experimentation are even clearer when images are compared. Yet the Nazi medical experiments and are infamous while some the same brutalization of gay men are not. The two images are indistinguishable without the captions. I also recently had a conversation about the "Rodney King Riots" and the way that history as a way of labeling civil unrest of a minority or particular group a riot. This connects to what was mentioned in class about Black Lives Matter and what was mentions in the documentary about the distinction of the historical name, the"Stonewall Riots" and its more real existence as the Stonewall uprising. I think Giselle Persak point out that the lack of organization that lead up to the Stonewall Riots is part of what makes it the moment in history it is and potentially what labels it a riot, but simultaneously it is import to highlight how the event drove people to seize the moment and become organized.

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