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Friday, January 22, 2016

Stonewall Uprising Reflection

As someone who has not done extensive research on gay rights movements, I commonly associate the recent gay rights movements as the first of its kind. To hear that people as early as the 1960s were successfully battling for the rights of the LGBT community is inspiring. While watching the documentary, one aspect that really stood out to me was the hatred the general population had for the LGBT community. It seemed that any person who did not conform to the traditional heterosexual white society was persecuted. The Civil Rights movement was gaining momentum during the 1960s, which was a progressive time for this country. However, those same rights of equality were not extended to the LGBT community as there were no prominent political figures who were taking a stance against gay persecution.

One part of the documentary that resonated with me the most was the scene where an authority figure in public education was giving a talk to middle schoolers telling them that being gay was against the law. He went on to say that if any child is having gay thoughts that they should immediately tell their superiors so that they can correct the mistake and that there is no hiding your gay feelings. Essentially, he was telling a group of 13 years olds that if you are gay then that is not okay and that you will get in trouble for it.

The events that took place at the Stonewall Inn truly transformed the landscape of the LGBT community moving forward. People of all races, religions, and cultures came together in an act of solidarity to show that they deserve to be a part of society like every other individual. Despite today's society having it racial and gay issues, I feel privileged to be a part of a nation that is so progressive and willing to take the necessary steps so that everyone's voice is heard.

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