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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ronald Regan "He Kills Me" by Donald Moffett 1987

I firs saw this poster laminated in repetition on a 20 ft wall in the "America is Hard to See" gallery at the Whitney Museum in NY, NY in the summer of 2015. My first reaction, to the half smile and title, was humor as if he is funny in some way. I thought maybe it was a comment showcase how laughable it was that he was the president. In reading the discription of Donald Moffett poster I gained more contexual understanding in the poster location in the AIDS epidemic. It is also interesting to relate this poster the the documetry film "And the Band Played On" where the burcracy of the CDC prologed any sense of devlopment ultimaly killed mass quanities of people. In parellel, in not acknowledging the AIDS epidemic Ronald Regan killed those affected by ignoring a population in a state of emergancy. The left hand of the poster resembles a target or a hypnotic tool, a target to isolate the affected groups or to hipnoties the general popuation into disbelief of the AIDS epidemic. Beyond contributing to becoming iconic, anybody have ideas as to the intention of he left hand graphic?

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