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Friday, January 15, 2016

Ramirez, Saul

Hello, my name is Saul Ramirez. I am a 5th year Biology Major at UCLA. Originally, I am from Compton, CA but now live in the San Fernando Valley and have lived in the Midwest (Kansas) as well. I am currently enrolled in LGBTS and am excited to learn more about and gain an appreciation for the Queer Art in LA. I like to consider myself a very friendly person and am excited to work on the class project with everyone. My background as an artist is not particularly expansive - as I have only worked on my IB Certificate in Art in High School with scattered occasional projects- but I do have some experience with web design and image manipulation through the company I have been working for since I started my college career. In the future, I will be applying for Graduate Programs across the country and do research. Ultimately, my goal for this class is to gain an appreciation for the history behind the queer community through an art-based medium.

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