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Thursday, January 28, 2016

PHWEET by Tsung Woo Han (1991)

Whistle so you can be heard! Let your community know you are in danger! PHWEET! PHWEET! PHWEET!!! Tsung Woo Han's poster, PHWEET, 1991, mission is to encourage many members of the LGBT community to blow their whistle, literally, making aware of their presence to the attacker, victim, or others within their community. To phweet was to address the witnessing of a hate violence or later domestic abuse. The whistle blown-up as larger than scale object presenting the importance of  awareness. Utilizing bright red and all-cap letters is typical an approach in getting a message across to victims or seers of hate violence. In reality, Tsung's poster promotes the blowing of whistles in dire situations, trying to prevent an escalation in abuse. I'm drawn to this poster not for its usage of simplistic imagery, but rather its symbolism to connote through the usage of noise or loud PHWEET.

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