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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Martinez, Priscilia

Hi everyone! My name is Priscilia Sarahi and I am a 4th year transfer. I’m majoring in Gender Studies and minoring in Labor and Workplace Studies. I am passionate about politics, economy, the arts, and glitter; all of which directly relate to my identity as a Gay LA woman. I enrolled in the course because I could see the connection between the material, my interests, and myself. I am interested in experimenting with different forms of self-expression and learning how to take it back to my community. I have found liberation and healing through writing but I am interested in learning how to turn my written ideas into tangible subjects through visual art. I believe it is important to love, care, and respect yourself enough to take time out of each day and make sure you are ok. I feel I get to do this every time I do something creative which is why I attribute so much of my happiness and growth to the arts. I plan to become a criminal defense attorney and have had extensive experience in the system. In pursuing such a career, it is imperative to remain hopeful but passionate and critical. I hope that through this course, I will come out with a sharper mind, a lighter heart, and a gentler person. 

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