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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lecture 1: Stonewall Uprising GAY LA Part1

Perhaps the most amazing part of the Stonewall Uprising documentary that we watched in class was the sense of community that was established between the marginalized Queer people in New York. One of the most memorable quotes for me was from one of the men who had gone through the ordeal and mentioned that his father had told him (as I am likely paraphrasing) "'Bout time you all stood up for yourselves." In the spirit of their rebellion against the police, the queer community was able to band together because of their shared experiences. It's an absolutely amazing accomplishment. Until then, I didn't quite understand the basis of the Pride Celebrations that are held all over various cities in the US and other countries as well, so it was very interesting to finally gain some insight as to the significance of the parade.

When recalling the history of all the suffering that people went through because of their sexuality in the film(Atascadero), as mentioned by one of our classmates, one can identify correlations to the treatment of people in the Holocaust. Incidents of chemical waterboarding, humiliation, lobotomy, and even castration were documented during the facility's time in operation. What's more interesting as was pointed out in the book is that these events were not novel: they had been present since the beginning of missionary involvement in the lives of Native Americans with the humiliation of homosexuals despite the preordained acceptance of homosexuality in Native American tribes.

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