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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Kissing Doesn't Kill….

I think what first struck me about this is the paradox between this posters subtlety and its subsequent strength and influence. If you were to just glance at the poster walking by, you would have to do a double take for it to reach its maximum impact. The white background kind of provides a literal blank slate through which the figures stand out, almost as if they're in a state of equality with no outside prejudice or injustice. Looking closer at the figures themselves, what strikes me as interesting is the small distance between the last two couples. While the heterosexual couple seems fully comfortable, with no distance in between their faces, the lesbian and gay couples have a small space of separation in between them, signaling something that is distinguishing them or differentiating them from the heterosexual couple on the far left. Further, the artist is making the statement that not only should kissing be universally accepted for all peoples, it is further, harmless. Fury is arguing that corporate structures are profiting off of AIDS, and instead of progress being made, people are suffering because of widespread ignorance and selfishness. He's calling for acceptance and change. He is calling for that space between the last two couples to be removed.

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