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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Kissing Doesn't Kill: Greed And Indifference Do by Gran Fury, New York City 1989
Like many of these political art posters, this one speaks many volumes. My first initial reaction was: here are three couples kissing, but as I read deeper into the poster I noticed other telling details. Looking at the people alone, we see three couples: a heterosexual couple, a gay couple, and a lesbian couple ranging in other different characteristics such as age and race. In addition, the above text reads, "kissing doesn't kill: greed and indifference do." This comments on the fact that no matter what sexuality, gender, age, race, class, etc, this does not result directly to AIDS or the deaths from AIDs. Instead, it is the government and political inaction that kills. We also get this information and what they are directly referring to from the bottom text: "corporate greed, government inaction, and public indifference make aids a political crisis." 

What I find most interesting about this poster are the differences between each couple. From my interpretation, I see a heterosexual that is plainly kissing each other with no emotion. In contrast, the two queer couples are in the moment, full of passion and life. I feel like this can be interpreted many ways, but I think this can draw on the normality of heterosexual couples and how these two couples are challenging this norm. 


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