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Thursday, January 28, 2016

I appreciated this poster at first sight. To me this poster is a depiction of affection, in loving embrace of the Virgin Mary. I am fond of the sight due to the fact that it depicts two "holy figures" kissing and holding each other with passion. Even though they are both male, their interaction appears to be tender and sincere. The opposite of what people during this era thought of homosexuals. They believed them to be promiscuous and most importantly, sinners. The fact that the image is made up of religious figures might have enraged many, but comforted others as well. For instance, when I came out to my mother she told me I was going to hell. Even though I have never really been religious, maybe showing her this poster might have made her rethink things. 

Other than showing a pure act of love the poster reads "Every 10th Jesus is a QUEER". First of all to me this means that homosexuality is not a rare "disease" that "affects" certain "promiscuous deviants"  in the world, it means that it is very common to be queer and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Also the fact that the word "QUEER" is capitalized makes me feel like there is a sense of certainty and exclusivity that we were tired of hiding. Love is pure no matter who it is shared by, if its there, its real and it should be left alone to thrive. 

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