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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Holy Homophobia

"Holy Homophobia" was definitely my favorite poster out of the various others that we saw. I think what I appreciated most from the poster was the simplicity of the art and the different ways this can be interpreted and understood. Just talking about it in class so many of the students saw this image and shared their ideas of what this meant, it wasn't like the others that were more straightforward with their message. This can be dissected from every direction without having too much going on. The dripping of the paint representative of how these issues will no longer be able to kept behind closed doors but rather are seeping through and unstoppable like a flood taking down a wall. I very much appreciated the placement of the hole in the center of his forehead. This is very symbolic of the closed mindedness of this man and also other conservatives in a sense giving an insight into what is inside these people brains and letting it be known that there is nothing but conformity instead of understanding or love. 

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