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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lexi Bordeaux

Hi Guys! My name is Alexis Bordeaux, but I go by Lexi. I am a 4th year Gender Studies major here at UCLA. I also began working on campus as an Ask Peer Counselor this year. I am a transfer/ commuter student, so my experience here on campus has provided a unique and nontraditional perspective. I am from Irvine, CA originally and I am the oldest of four. I am half black and half Mexican and have never quite felt that I fit into either of those categories, so as a result ( and many, many, many years of practice) I have grounded my identity heavily into what feels right for my soul. Rather than torturing myself (for most of my adolescence growing up in a primarily white, conservative neighborhood) and trying to cram into someone else's expectation of me or black and white box, I created a space for myself where there are no boundaries, just glitter, tons and tons of gold glitter. Gender Studies has definitely aided in my process.  I come from a big family of do- it- yourselfers and love to create things. My dad is a Jimi Hendrix impersonator and my mom, on top of being a hairdresser, has her masters in psychology and a MFT intern. Both have always nurtured creativity within me and as well as my siblings through music, or really anything that can be used to express ourselves. A few of my ventures include: growing a sunflower over the summer and watching it continue to flourish in the fall and winter months despite many failed attempts prior, her name is Gladys and she is powerhouse. I also recently started a little greeting card project, very DIY, and very recent, but there is something to say about making something with your hands and finding confidence within that (good, bad, or just plain cray). I joined this class in hopes of being inspired and exposed to something that I am not familiar with and thriving within that space.

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