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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hello y'all, I'm Marlene! Born and raised in San Diego, I'm a 4th year Gender Studies/Comm Studies double major minoring in Digital Humanities and Theater. Having had the opportunity to live in great cities like NYC and LA has really called to my artistic side and opened up a whole other realm of creative interest for me. I am especially interested in socio-political art as well as abstract and performance art. To me the way the people interpret art is what is most fascinating about the work. How some can feel an emotional connection while others may be offended by the same piece is what makes me have this great interest in art. As an actress and performer I deal with having to interpret artworks in script for often. I may take a work of art and perform it as a drama while another may perform it as a comedy. It is the subjectivity of art that is so amazing. This class also interested me because I would like to be a better ally to the LGBTQ community and have a deeper understanding of the issues that people from this community deal with.

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