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Sunday, January 17, 2016


Hello! My name is Julienne Fusello, and I am a Senior in the Art Department at UCLA. I grew up in San Francisco, and spent much of my younger years within LGBTQ communities through my parents' associations. I moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA, and plan on continuing on living and working here within the arts. In recent years, my practice and education has been greatly influenced by artists and writers such as Maggie Nelson, Hilton Als, MPA, A.L. Steiner, Math Pearl Bass, and many more. I was interested in taking this course because I want to continue my education on LGBTQ issues, history, and theory. Through my education in the art department, I have learned a lot about the topics presented in this class, but know that a lot has been left out as well, and I hope to better understand an entire picture. As an art student, I was additionally drawn to the ways in which we would be exploring these topics, particularly through visual arts projects, because that has been the way that I know best how to express myself, and it feels empowering to be in a class with this structure.

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