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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Castro, Zaira

Hello all, my name is Zaira Castro and I am a second year at this university. I am currently a Psychology major with a minor in LGBT studies and Chican@ studies. I enrolled in the class because I identify as a queer femme of color. I like to express that even though I am in fact queer, I still have rights to my femininity. In my culture it is not widely accepted to be queer, but it's also very strange to be a very girly girl that likes girls. But that is who I am and I don't see myself conforming in order to please a group of people who simply don't try to respect who I am. I also enrolled because even though I have no artistic ability, I appreciate art very much. Artists like Van Gogh and Edvard Munch are a couple of my favorites.  I am gradually becoming a passionate Chicana due to the fact that I never embraced this beautiful part of my identity when I was in high school. What I mean by "gradually becoming a passionate Chicana" is that I recently discovered that I am much more than a Mexican American but I am not conscious enough to identify myself as a Chicana yet, but I will definitely get there soon. I am very outspoken and passionate about all of my beliefs and anything that makes me happy. I am very adventurous, impulsive, and complex. I am friendly but can come off as the opposite, but I am actually very excited for this course and I hope I am able to meet everyone and learn new fascinating things. 

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