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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Atienzo, Alexandra

      Hello all! My name is Alexandra Atienzo, but I prefer to go by Alex or Allie. I am queer, gender fluid, and proud Chicanx (my pronouns are they/she). I just entered my senior year which has me a little nervous, but I'm excited to finally be wrapping up my time here as I've taken an untraditional route in my undergraduate career. I'm a Gender Studies major with a minor in LGBT studies, which makes for an interesting academic career. I feel very fortunate to be able to study what I'm passionate about at such a prestigious school, especially as a first generation American.
    While I've always had an interest in the arts, especially the paint medium, it's never something I've had time to invest in. However, my recent experiences in therapy have given me the push I've needed to finally explore painting as a cathartic exercise to express frustrations I experience as a queer disabled Chicanx that I am unable to verbalize. I have an extreme soft spot for abstract painting, which is the main form of painting I do in my spare time. This class is an opportunity for me to understand the impact of art not just within the queer community, but the LA community as well. I'm especially interested in graphic mediums of art as I feel they allow for an additional element/dimension of expression.

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