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Thursday, January 28, 2016

A.L. Steiner

The artist I am interested in researching is A.L. Steiner. A.L. Steiner is an LA based multi-media artist mainly working in photography, installation, video, and performance. I've been interested in her work for a while now due to many aspects of her practice. A.L. Steiner's visual practice, which is mainly interested in queer and eco-feminist ideas, intersects with her activism in the art world. A.L. Steiner is a professor, a member of Chicks on Speed (a multidisciplinary art collective), and a co-founder of W.A.G.E (Working Artists and the Greater Economy). I am interested in learning more about how art and activism can intersect, and also how activist ideas can be held within a single artwork. A.L. Steiner is known for creating large-scale image installations of overlapping images, the content often being intimate portraits of friends and her community. A.L. was in the news recently because she directed Peaches' video for her new song "Rub". I found this video quite important due to its openness at representing trans bodies both in the nude, as well as sexually empowered. I found out about A.L. Steiner through a professor/artist called MPA who made a huge impact on me and the way I think about everything now. MPA and A.L. Steiner were the first women I've known personally to choose alternative names for themselves, ones that defy gender roles and cultural expectations. A.L. Steiner's work feels very empowering and helpful, and I want to keep on learning how that is being achieved in the work.

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