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Thursday, January 14, 2016

About Me

My name is Jessica Valles, I am a third year at UCLA. I major in Chicana/o Studies and I hope to minor in LGBT. I am from Downtown Los Angeles. I am a very quiet person, but I want to change that. I hope to one day publish my own book, as i have been dreaming of since I was in middle school. The reason I am taking this course is to continue trying to find who I am and what my purpose is (as an artist), and have fun while I do that. I love art and I also love to draw. I have practiced in drawing using paper and pencil and my ipad. I have taken other Chicana art classes at UCLA, and was creatively involved in high school (choir, leadership, NHS volunteer). As I got older, I realized the many injustices I faced simply because I was a girl. This is a problem I am more aware of now into adulthood. One of my favorite things about Chicana art is that it fights against and brings up this problem. That is why I love taking these courses. Learning more about people and events that have taken place to fight for gender equality is empowering.

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