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Friday, May 8, 2015


Because my copy of VIVA Records only arrived yesterday, what I can say about it is very preliminary. So far, though, I love the idea of organizing a collective to meet any need. Because interests are so varied and sometimes disparate, when people recognize a niche and come together to successfully fill it, the results can be so gratifying. VIVA did that.

I'm unfamiliar with Chican@ politics, but I find the distinction they make between the GLLU and other gay and Latino groups interesting. I'm also interested in their using theater as a primary art form, though of course the essay serves to illustrate what other kinds of visual and performance art forms that may have gone unrecognized. As an antecedent to reading VIVA, I tried to find some information about it online, but I had a really difficult time finding it, so I'm glad UCLA has the archive and records to explore VIVA's history.

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