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Thursday, May 21, 2015

To(o) Queer the Writer

Gloria AnzaldĂșa's essay prods holes in a lot of conversations that are quickly disregarded as being too controversial, too touchy, or too personal. She simply attacks that evasiveness head on, by clearly stating her feelings and observations about the injustices she perceives in circles which are supposed to be about supporting marginalized identities, yet focus too narrowly on only one aspect of those identities, disregarding color and disparate identity in a way that is whitewashing.

I think what most of her argument comes down to is the colonialist notions that white Americans still hold, and even though those people may be in the gay or lesbian community, they forget other aspects of the community, such as queer people of color, exist in the world in a very different way. I found this all fascinating, especially since I question the inability to use queer, lesbian, or gay, even when one is not strictly homosexual.

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