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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thoughts on Anzanldua

     Gloria Anzandula's "To(o) Queer the Writer--Loca, escritora y chicana" is about the perils of writing, specifically for those whom identify as queer. Anzandula is interested in a new way of reading, a new way of thinking about writers, and in doing so, she acknowledges the importance of audience. She speaks of ways that text can be read through a bodily exploration, rather than relying on the traditional methods of writing. "Making  meaning is a corroborative affair." (269), she warns us.
     In "To(o) Queer" Anzandula also unfolds the consequence of subjectivity, and categorizing of lesbian writers, because what does it truly mean to be a lesbian write? For Anzandula being a lesbian writer has often meant a reject of her multidimensional identities.

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