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Friday, May 22, 2015

The Maricón Collective was incredibly stunning to me. I had seen the art before the conception of the art was missing, till yesterday, thanks to Juan. From what I gathered The Maricón collective is a composition of two artists and three DJs, from what I recall. The information given was very on point, the fact that they are giving the way we see tattoo art or Pinto Art in a homosexual stand point, brings to me a whole different dynamic to what it is that Chicano gay define as Gay-Chicano-Culture art. Compared to thus of Tom of Finland. The contras between the work of the two is the hyper sexualizing aesthetics of Tom of Finland, and comic approach to the art as thus of the Maricón Collective, which display different approach to such. Not just sexuality but companionship, in my opinion, and nonconformities to the meaning of sexuality in art.
         A term given during the beginning of the presentation me woke up on me a certain interest to the presentation, “Rasquache”. I knew the meaning as negative connotation. But the approach in definition by Juan was basically using anything on hand to make art, queer art at that. That actually got me hooked on the presentation. The message of empowerment pushed by the collective is very impressive, though for some reason I seemed to get a sense of bias on the term of Maricón, perhaps I’m being over critical, but I felt the exclusion of feminine presence. Anyway, the even was completely great. I glad I had the opportunity to attend. Below are images of The Maricón Collective and Tom ofFindlnad, to show the contrast, that is.

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  1. Hey Pedro,
    I had similar feeling about the term "Maricon" that you had about "Rasquache". I think that the negative connotations associated with certain words are hard to surpass, especially when those word have been used against you. But I'm open the appropriation of "Maricon".