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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Pedro Magdaleno

  My name is Pedro Magdaleno, I am currently a Gender Studies Major, LGBT Studies Minor and Chicano Chicana Studies Minor/Major (transitioning from minor to major). This is my first year in UCLA as a transfer student. My interest in the course is because of the fact that it is art, and queer art for that matter, and well… we all need some art in our lives. In reality, I realize that I am happier when I express myself through art. I finally came out to myself as a queer man, without any holdbacks. I realized that expressing myself artistically and being authentic to who I am makes me feel human and present. I used to paint murals in high school and did paper-mache and wood shavings sculptures, during community college. Over all I have been very creative, but always hiding behind the “artist” mask not the Pedro identity. As for now I feel that appreciating art and being true to me should have a different out come, so the answer to the question will be “I want to see what I can produce as a queer artist without hiding behind the artist mask, and grow from there.” The class over all also seems amazing already, I feel a very positive energy from it. I’m looking forwards to learn more from it. 
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