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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thoughts on the Maricón Collective and the themes of masculinity

The Maricón Collective is composed of two artists and three DJs, who collaborate and promote a counter culture representation of homosexuality through art and social media. They create outsider art, which is art created by socially marginalized individuals presumed to be outside of mainstream art and society. Prison art, rasqueche, and camp aesthetic are the characteristics of their collective. Pinto art is reminiscent of tattoos, depicting Chicano homosexual lovers. In comparison to Tom of Finland, this is a definition of virility that is particular to the gay Chicano community. Rasquache was defined by Fernandez as using resources at hand to create queer art. A good example of camp aesthetic is Tom of Finland, where the men depicted is so hyper virile to the point of being comical. The art produced by Maricón exhibits such campiness and humor pertaining to sexual deviances. The purpose of Maricón is to reclaim the term through art and social media from pejorative use. By doing so, they reclaim a place to celebrate the LGBT community. What I found interesting was their presentation of virility in homosexuality, which, as they observed in social media, has been used as a means of self-reflection and identity. Since their main subjects are male Chicano homosexuals, there was little representation of other spectrums of LGBT. Here is a piece redefining maricón through masculinity: 

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