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Saturday, May 23, 2015

In the “Viva Records, Lesbian and Gay Latino Artist of Los Angeles” book by Robb Hernandez. Rodriguez recaps the meaning of the Art in Los Angeles by Gay artist. He was able to identified and push for validation for Gay and Lesbian Latino Artist in Los Angeles, which was the purpose of the book. It also brought validity to thus artist which had been marginalized for their work. Something that caught my attention was the fact that UCLA houses some of the archives, pictures and articles of the exhibitions, performances, and other events. I truly enjoyed knowing that the art was actually well received in the Feliz Navidad Expectáculo. One of the most shocking reads that I had were the comments of ignorance that people had in believes that "gay and lesbian artwork was pornographic, morally corrupt, and harmful to American families". This completely pissed me off to be honest. I really dislike the fact that people’s mentalities are so closed and so ignorant to believe that. At the same time I have to acknowledge the fact that it was during a time where people were still very ignorant about the LBGT community and culture.

As for the book, over all had a great content of LBGT art and culture, as well as very well captivated social and Latino cultural presence. Some of the art in the book was very very personable to me, because of the fact they capture the struggle of people, and the demomization of a culture/race. At the same time it made me feel proud of my background and roots.  

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