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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gloria Anzaldua reflection of reading

I find it quite challenging for me to often relate or understand some writing, poetry, etc written first hand of course of one's experience as queer or LGBT. I can understand as a Latina, but is often challenging to put myself in someone else's shoes. However, I do enjoy hearing one's thoughts, experiences, and challenges faced identifying as queer which helps me have a better idea. I may never be able to write in her perspective nor she may never be able to write in my own perspective not because of differences in sexual identity but as a person in general. Even identical twins do not have the same personality and characters as one another. I truly like Anzaldua's quote "One always writes and reads from the place one’s feet are planted [...] ones particular position, point of view” (273).  As previously described, if I will never be able to truly grasp her perspective, but I can always educate myself and be open minded to attempt to read and write to find the queer writer. 

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