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Thursday, May 21, 2015


I loved this article, and a lot of points resonated deeply. Especially those that still held true in my online circles, and various communities I am in still fall into the trap. The trap, namely, being that labels are becoming prisons and it is all too easy to fall into one category of labels. I think intersectional feminism is a good response to this trap, a method for understanding how our identities mesh and relate with each other, and how it affects us on every level. But it's still hard to escape being viewed singularly, and having your identity stripped down to one basic term. When that happens, what one identity are you okay with being viewed as? It reminds me of when Dan Guerrero came to class and spoke on how a portion of his life was spent as a proud and out gay advocate, and another one was spent as a Latino advocate....and it wasn't until more recently that he combined the two identities. I think to move forward in a manner that honors all of our identities, we have to start with consciously and purposefully acknowledging that they all contribute to who we are, and one is not any less important than the other.

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