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Friday, April 10, 2015

Warner, Shayna

Hello, my name is Shayna Maci Warner, and I'm a first year World Arts and Cultures major and prospective Film/TV minor. My interest in this course stems from my own bisexuality and interest in queer film and literature, as well as a desire to further accurate representation of the queer community. I'm currently involved with OutWrite Newsmagazine, the LGBT magazine on campus, and would love to be more active in the queer community here, especially as it relates to film and literature.

One figure who I find both fascinating and integral to the LGBT community is Angela Davis. She's an incredible orator, civil and gay rights activist, and was at one time number 3 on the CIA's Most Wanted list for her radical feminist stances and association with the Communist party and Black Panther movement. She's also a huge part of Los Angeles' history, as she was a professor at UCLA in the '70s, and was constantly under fire for having an unorthodox, profane lecturing style and disseminating views that were non-conformist and radical. She still fights for both black and gay liberation today.
(that's me)

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