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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thoughts on Stonewall

As I watched the Stonewall Uprising documentary last Friday I realized how little I know about LGBTQ history. I ran home and did a quick google search and then another and another... This took me back to a time when I had just returned to college and I had enrolled in my first Chicana/o Studies class. With my return to college, my ideas about being a Mexican Latino were challenged by the history I was relearning in the classroom. This moment of reeducation lead to the development of my consciousness as a Chicano. Inadvertently, after a brief intro to LGBTQ History last Friday I thought to myself, "Could most of my ideas about being gay also be wrong?" and "What else is omitted from the historicizing of the LGBTQ community?" I have listened some of my classmates vocalize their queer identity, and although is not something I currently identify with, it is something I will keep in mind as the quarter progresses.
The Black Cat protest in Silver Lake in February 1967 

Despite my brief existential dilemma, I also felt a sense of pride brewing over me from the testimonials by the individuals who were present at the pride parade in New York. This new visibility was "building a community...", recalled one participant. And then I thought, Why was there was no mention of the precursor to Stonewall at the Black Cat in Los Angeles in December 31, 1966 and the ensued protest of early 1967? Where are the Black Cat protesters? I personally feel a responsibility to shift the metanarrative in the historicizing of Stonewall and Black Cat, I feel a responsibility to continue building a community without borders thats bridge the LGBTQ community's efforts for social equity and political visibility.

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