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Thursday, April 16, 2015


I really loved this video clip. I had always heard of Stonewall, but up until now, had never learned about it--or the people involved in depth. What stunned me throughout is how young all the interviewers. I understand completely that it was not that long ago, but just seeing this people my grandma's age talk about the riots, the friends they lost and saw locked up....made it all way more intense. But I really appreciated the candid testimony and am glad that they got so many points of view and that they really seemed to cover the event with lot of detail. Plus it was just really touching to hear these people's stories and to hear them retell how they experienced and saw the event within the context of their own lives. It was very powerful.

Another thing that I found interesting was that the mafia got involved within the queer scene? Like I literally had never heard of that. But to hear that the mafia got involved with setting up gay bars as a way to capitalize on persecution/provide money-making services shouldn't have surprised me as much as it did, because after all, the mafia did get involved with a lot of "criminal" activity, whether or not we consider it criminal today.

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