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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Stonewall Uprising: Review

My thoughts on the Stonewall Uprising documentary are both critical and empathetic. While watching the  documentary, I could not help but feel annoyed about the representation of individuals presented in the film Throughout the documentary, I could not help but to notice that the each and every person in the  film was white. Considering that it was New York, a viewer would think that New York would be diverse but what the film presents is a very one sided argument which from the perception of "the white gay male." If the Stonewall was particular about race and did not allow people of color into the bar, I believe that should have been mentioned. In relation to representation, Only three women were rarely present in the film. These women were also white. Was the Stonewall also resisting women into the space as well?

What I appreciated about the documentary was the tension that built up before presenting the even of the riot. I liked how the film was able to go into detail about the lives of LGBTQ people and how the homonormative lifestyle affected these lives. I did not know that the Stonewall was funded by the mob and how the mob benefitted from the disparities of the LGBTQ community. In relation to this, I questioned if the mob would be considered as allies or if they were exploiting the community? Overall, the  the film was well made however, representation of the entire spectrum of the community would have been greatly appreciated.

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