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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Stonewall Uprising - Reflection

Like the way I appreciate this class in general, I appreciated the Stonewall Uprising film for revealing to me an essential part of history that I didn't know about. Thought I knew that the conditions of acceptance for the LGBT community were different in the past, I was unaware of the any of the details of those discussions. It's hard for me to imagine trying to live in a society where particular sexualities and gender expressions were essentially illegal. The documentary helps me feel thankful for the work that has been done in the the past to bring us to the conditions that we have now. There's definitely more work that needs to be done to transform society into a place where communities are no longer discriminated against. For now though, it's important for us to reflect on our history and what our communities have contributed in the past in order to take steps forward.

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