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Monday, April 13, 2015

Stonewall Uprising -Gay Pride

     One of the things I found fascinating in Stonewall Uprising was that the first gay pride happened in New York.  I knew there was a lot of Queer history in Greenwich Village, but I never thought it would be so rich and informative as I have witnessed in the documentary.  One of the things that for me evoked feelings of disgust was the fact that, as most of us have read in other classes, discrimination has existed in this community; however, the PSA that aired during that time is sickening.  Why pretend to make homosexuality seem like a pathologic aspect just for being with someone of the same sex?

     Being gay is not lethal, transmitted, or inherited.  Being gay is like being Latino, White, Asian, or whatever nationality we are.  Being gay is simply a trade that defines us deeply and it is innate.  Understanding why NYC would host the first Gay Pride in 1970 is important because, contrarily to recent events even within the Queer community, gay prides and festivals seem like a massive party place when it is supposed to be a place of acceptance, tolerance among ourselves and others, and peaceful unity.  Even though, Stonewall Uprising was quite the contrary, the documentary shows some violence, but it was not targeted to inflict pain on anyone, but rather to make a point that the harassment of same-sex lifestyle needed to stop.

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